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We have pets in need of a good home

Diane's Grooming offers pet adoption services for some loving animals looking for a forever home. We'll perform an interview with you and discuss the animal's temperament and personality. You'll be confident that you've found the perfect pet for you and your family. We offer adoption services for:

Finding the perfect pet for your family is more than just going to a pet store and finding a cute little fur-baby to take home. Depending on the breed you have in mind, you'll discover many traits and characteristics that make finding the perfect match a little more challenging. At Diane's Grooming we can help you talk through your wants and needs in a new pet to help you find the perfect match for your family. Our pets waiting for adoption have already been evaluated and analyzed unlike a puppy or kitten at the pet store. When you choose adoption you're making a loving responsible decision that you won't regret.

Why should you consider adoption?

• Dogs

• Cats

• Rabbits and more

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